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MODE @ Home creates first virtual Canadian Fashion Show to raise donations for COVID relief.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the charming Kelly Streit and lively Michael Meneghetti, the CEO and Agency Director respectively, of Mode Models.

These trying times have pushed them both to the point of sleepless humor - yet they have mastered a new level of creative thinking and adaptation. Continuing to evolve as a vibrant modeling agency, supporting their models with jobs remotely, they created Mode @ Home. On top of this venture, just last week Mode held Canada's first virtual fashion show in support of COVID-19 relief efforts.

Mode @ Home

Can you tell me about how you have adapted your business through Mode @ Home?

We came up with Mode @ Home, a commercial venture to keep our models activated. It's allowed us the opportunity to continue to welcome new faces to our agency and still provide and receive the services we would normally have when running our day-to-day activities.

We're doing MODE @ Home photo shoots at a discounted rate to keep people engaged. We're also able to present clients with the opportunity to shoot models at home through a FaceTime photo shoot. The photographers do a walk-through of the location, analyze their hair, make-up, and clothing choices, and instruct their posing and body language, guiding the models through the shoot. In a different time, this would sound a bit creepy, asking people to pose in front of a camera, they laughed. Obviously, it's not the same level of production, but it's relevant to the time and current situation, and it allows online businesses to keep themselves going.

Using these virtual fashion shoots, designers have assets available to update their online platforms and continue to do business. This adaptation has been positive for the industry.

How did your virtual fashion show materialize and can you speak on the community aspect?

We thought why don't we keep this moniker going and get all these models to do a fashion show? We had a graphic designer, animator, film editor and photographer help us create the virtual aspect of the fashion show. We teamed up with PARK, using the notoriety of talent from Mode @ Home and the platform to encourage participation in the COVID relief fund that Park has put together to support medical professionals and patients in Calgary.

We started off the video with animation and then talked about MODE's and PARK's involvement. We continued by showing four Canadian designers' messages thanking the industry for their support and the frontline workers for being there for all of us. We then ran the fashion show, sharing videos of 30 models getting ready and walking. It was super cute and worked out really well.

We were able to raise about $3000 dollars that went towards frontline workers in Calgary!

Funds will be used to purchase fresh, healthy meals; grocery delivery services for health care worker’s at home and on the job; and special deliveries of coffee, ice cream or other special treats that could brighten their day.

Kara Chomistek, President of PARK

What advice can you give to businesses and people in the industry?

Without the routine of our regular day-to-day, people have the opportunity to take a closer look at how they're operating. Use this time to change the things about your business that you've always wanted to adjust. So many things that 'work' in society are going to have to change. There is good that will come out of this.

How can people find out more about MODE @ Home & PARK?

Head to MODE's website or follow them on Instagram! Head to PARK'swebsite for details on events and new initiatives! You can also follow PARK on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Read our full blog post about PARK's community response to help medical professionals and patients in Calgary. View the Virtual Fashion Show below.

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