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OurPark2020 supports mural artists by creating billboard space around Calgary

PARK has been extremely busy connecting with its arts community. I had the chance to chat with Kara Chomistek, President of PARK about their many initiatives in Calgary.

PARK recently called upon mural artists to create a city-wide digital campaign to support these artists and spread positivity around Calgary.

Can you tell me about your city-wide digital mural campaign?

The city-wide digital murals are the first phase of their #OURPARK2020, a multi-faceted, year-long campaign that celebrates the local small business and creative community in Calgary. The intent of the campaign is to spread positivity and uplifting messaging.

We want to promote collaboration in our community and networking space which really reflects our values for our not-for-profit. The campaign materialized through a number of mural artists and graphic designers we have worked with over the past couple of years. It’s been hard for them to find wall space right now since it isn’t necessarily developers' first priority at the moment with the current situation.

We chatted with Pattison Outdoor and they generously donated several locations of billboards around the city for this artwork to live. There’s a bunch of social distancing messages, female empowerment and inclusivity images, and other positive messages. We'll run the artist campaign around the city, with local bloggers, social media, and other organizations. We want to share those messages of kindness and hope and make our city a little brighter.

Digital Mural by Tyler Lemermeyer for #OURPARK2020

Digital Mural by Adam Warner

Digital Mural by Rachael Meckling for #OURPARK2020

Digital Mural by Lili Tayefi for #OURPARK2020

Digital Mural by Slugger Studio for #OURPARK2020

How can people find out more about PARK and the #OURPARK2020 campaign?

Head to our website for all the details on events and new initiatives! Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

You can find out more about their COVID-19 response, providing assistance to patients and medical professionals in our recent blog post here[link].

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