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YYC Food Trucks 'Drive-Thru' Brings Joy to Calgarians

YYC is known as a mecca for innovative food culture and continues to grow through Calgarians' desire for locally made, high-quality food options. Although the streets are quiet and big events are on hold, YYC Food Trucks has made it their mission to bring the vibrance of street-food culture to their community. Hungry Calgarians are lining up (from the safety of their cars) to enjoy food trucks, Drive-Thru style! I had the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Andrews, Co-Owner of YYC Food Trucks about how this event materialized.

How did the idea of a Drive-thru food truck event materialize?

My husband and I couldn't stop thinking about how much we love being out in the community and serving traditional food truck food. We recognize that food is an essential service, and as an entrepreneur, we need to be flexible and adjust to the current situation. We started by adding food truck offerings on our website with free delivery so that people could add some variety to their freezers at home. We wanted to do more for our customers, and the best solution seemed to be a Food Truck Drive Thru! From there, we contacted Alberta Health and explained my vision; they were super supportive and gave us lots of suggestions. We dove into our network and made some calls to find places to host the drive thru’s.

How have Calgarian's responded?

Everyone is so lively and excited to have this as an option! The fun thing about this initiative is the magnitude of people that have expressed how grateful they are to have this service in a safe environment and how normal it feels for them to visit a food truck.Thousands of people showed up, and we did our best to get through those lines as fast as we could. In general, people were very patient, and they were happy to sit with their family in the car, tune into the radio, grab their food and head home. It seems like it gave people something to look forward to, it's a great way to (safely) get out of the house.

Do you have any advice for small businesses during this time?

Adapt. Our food trucks serve good food. As owners, we just had to figure out how to get the food to our customers. Small businesses need to find out how to meet the needs of their customers safely and mould themselves from there.

How does the Drive-Thru Process work?

People drive up to the drive-thru location and join the line for their food-truck-of-choice. Once you get up to the truck window, you place your order and then drive ahead to the pickup location. Please stay in your car! The food truck staff will bring your order to the designated pickup location. Then you can collect your order and be on your way!

How can people find our when the YYC Food Truck Drive-Thru will be?

Head to our website for all the details on events and dates! Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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